Monday, August 22, 2011

Crunchy Leaves......

I love Autumn....the golden color of the sun, the pumpkins and cornstalks, the apple cider and donuts, and of course the colorful crunchy leaves.

As soon as I saw the 'spooky' tree in Treasure Box Designs, Spooky pattern file, I knew I wanted to make this card.
I used several other Treasure Box Design files from different sets to make the fence, pumpkin and leaves. I like being able to use the files in ways, other than they were originally intended. Like the tree here was designed to be a spooky Halloween tree. But on this card there's nothing spooky about it.
I added highlights to the tree branches, pumpkin and fence using a white gel pen, and chalked the background sky using Decorator Chalks. I left the rest of the card simple, keeping the tree as the focal point.
Check out all the Autumn design cutting files that Treasure Box Designs offers. I am planning on using some of the files to create decorations to place on my tables, and mantle for the season. A cute and cost effective way to decorate for the fall season without spending a lot of money.  *U*

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Cole Meyer said...

Just looking at that card makes we want to put a warm sweater on. Great job.